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Your partner in solving complex operations and culture challenges. 

As a problem solver with a diverse background and experiences, I strive to create value and growth opportunities for clients and their stakeholders by leading organizations through periods of expansion, challenges and stagnation.

If you're experiencing: 

  • Difficulty creating and implementing your operational strategy or transformation

  • Hurdles while evaluating and refining your existing operational strategy 

  • A need to reduce your business risk

  • Overworked executives unable to focus on the most pressing priorities

  • Preparing to sell your company, maximizing your potential

Where I Fit in: 

  • Manage your complex projects and programs

  • Oversee and be accountable for turning around an at-risk project

  • Manage an implementation (technology, M&A, product launch, etc.)

  • Serve in an interim VP - Director role

  • Build your team from the ground up

  • Manage and be accountable to overcome any complex business challenges

  • On-demand marketing solutions

  • Acting in a broad-functioning role spanning multiple departments.

What a consulting engagement looks like.

As a consultant, I utilize proven frameworks along with a holistic approach that solves your most pressing challenges.

My Diagnose - > Treatment -> Execution framework involves:

  • Comprehensive understanding: Deep dive beyond just your data. Fully understanding the values and foundation of the organization.

  • Collaboration and Team Focused: Whether a project or a deep dive into a transformation, my approach is to build bridges.

  • Actionable Solutions: My action plans are rooted in realistic, measurable and attainable progress.

  • Momentum: All work is created and executed to create momentum for a sustainable evolution.

What an interim or fractional  engagement looks like. 

My professional strengths include team-building, collaboration, work productivity, culture development, process improvement and organizational transformation.

Roles where I excel: 

  • Interim CEO

  • COO

  • VP of Operations

  • VP of People Operations

  • Chief of Staff

  • Business Strategist

  • Consulting Partner

  • Engagement Lead

  • Program Director/Manager

Roles can be as short as 3 months or can be ongoing, depending on your needs.

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